Involved in the "Spaceflight Participant" training and support

    Passionate about Human, Space, Exploration, Science, STEM

    Advocate for the "Space for Anyone"​ era - #Democratization of Space - and a Mars enthusiast with an open world ideal.
    Currently writing about psychological aspects of "ICE missions" (Isolated Confined in Extreme environment missions) and remote & operational Space medicine challenges regarding upcoming deep Space missions.


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    All for Space & Space for All!

    -4 Musketeers-


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    Space for Anyone

    Minutes de la conférence "Saint-Augustin 2032", par Jeremy Saget Crédit: Saint-Augustin Avenir Ce soir nous sommes ensemble dans cette salle “vaisseau spatial”, et je vous propose un voyage un peu long, certes, quelques centaines de millions de kilomètres, vers la planète Mars: c'est un court...
    September 14, 2016
    Par Jeremy Saget pour Baobab, Dealer d’Espace, La Publi#10 "Dépasser les bornes. Explorer et habiter les limites du monde." Notre monde n'est pas plus fermé qu'il n'est plat… Nous avons la chance invraisemblable de vivre à un moment très spécial -spatial- de l'Histoire de la vie sur Terre : une...
    March 1, 2016
    par Jeremy Saget (Traduction française), paru dans l'anthologie de P. Levinson et M. Waltemathe "Touching the Face of the Cosmos". Il était une foi... La planète Mars a toujours fasciné les Hommes. La planète Rouge, avant de prendre le nom du Dieu Romain de la guerre, évoquant la couleur du...
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    New paradigms for manned missions to Mars thinking

    Conference (French)

    "Faith to Face"

    Essay in the Anthology

    "Touching the Face of the Cosmos" by Paul Levinson & Michael Waltemathe


    Embodied reflection, somewhere between the inner world and the outside world, which describes how actually the development of Faith could be the key for Exploration, in particular through the first manned-missions to Mars case.



    Association of Spaceflight Professionals Inc.





    Member of Parliament of Asgardia,

    the Space Nation




    Space Nation



    Space for Anyone


    PoSSUM Project


    Polar Suborbital Science in Upper Mesosphere

    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University


    Scientist Astronaut Training

    NASA funded Program


    Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic training

    Altitude Chamber training

    IVA Spacesuit training

    Crew Management training



    Current Position & Training

    MAU Mars Medics 1: Crew 1114 Commander

    Mars Academy USA, 2018

    Remote & Space Medicine Instructor:

    EVA 101 OTTER Project

    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, 2018-Present

    "Human Performance & Limitations" Theoretical Knowledge Instructor:


    Belgian Flight School, Wecair, 2018-Present

    Member of Parliament

    Asgardia, the Space Nation

    District#6 French, elections of march 2018 , 2018-23

    Scientist Astronaut Training Certification:

    PoSSUM Project

    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, PoSSUM Class 1702



    Polar Suborbital Science in Upper Mesosphere

    NASA funded Program


    Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic training

    Altitude Chamber training

    IVA Spacesuit training

    Crew Management training

    Air Zero G

    Weightless Flight Instructor Aug 2015 – Present


    Weightless Flight Surgeon Mar 2013 – Present

    United Nations

    Flight Surgeon rotary wing Aeromedical Evacuations Team Jan 2017- Present

    Remote Medical International

    Bordeaux University

    Senior Lecturer Nov 2012 – Present

    General Practice Supervisor Nov 2009 – Present

    Aerospace Physician

    MEDES DGAC Jun 2008 – Present

    JAR-FCL3 Class 2 Private Pilot Flight Crew Licensing Approved Doctor

    Rank 1

    General Practioner

    Family Physician May 2004 – Present

    European Master of Research on Cognitive Science

    Polytechnic Institute, ENSC, Cognitics, Bordeaux Jun 2004

    Magna cum laude

    Spaceflight Fitness Specialist

    LAUNCH Fitness & Human Performance, 2016, Group 1

    Executive Master of Business Administration

    Smartly Business School Executive MBA Program, 2017-18

    Doctor of Medicine, MD

    Bordeaux University, with highest honors, 2006

    Valedictorian, Medicine Competition

    Medical Hypnosis

    Milton Erickson Biarritz Institute, 2014-16

    In-service Training

    Ageing coutermeasures in preventing medicine

    Lyon I and Paris V Universities, 2010-12

    Major Micronutrition, Summa cum laude

    Master's degree, Biomedical Science, Behavorial Psychophysiology

    Bordeaux University, 1996-2001

    Cytogenetics, Biophysics, Behavorial Psychophysiology, Magna cum laude

    How to Survive on Mars:

    the Science Behind the Human Exploration of Mars

    Monash University, 2016


  • Voluntary

    Leprosy Detection

    Comores, Indian Ocean, Mayotte Health Authority, 2002-3

    Active intra-domiciliary leprosy detection, 17 new cases, all of them cured without any aftereffects

    Medical Evacuations Flight Surgeon

    Mayotte-Réunion Hospital Center, 2003

    In-service Flight Surgeon Training, Advanced Life Support in Emergency Medicine, Regional Health Authority Approval

    STEM Education

    School Interventions, 2015-Present


  • Publications & Keynotes

    Faith to Face. In "Touching the Face of the Cosmos"

    Big data, AI and Ethics: new scientific horizons and technological progress

    Why, when and how going to Mars

    Espèce d'Espace

    Baobab DE press, 2017 april ; 10, Explorer et habiter les limites du monde


    Space for Anyone

    Esprit Sud, Lycée Sud-Médoc, STEM, 2016 Dec


    Manned Mars Mission Designs & New Paradigms

    Festival Big Bang, French Air and Space Festival, 2016 May 26


    Man in Space: physiological and psychological challenges

    New paradigms for manned Mars missions thinking

    Space Travel: a dream come true ?

    Cap Sciences Conference, with JF Clervoy, O Bleys, 2015 June 8


    The lateral orbito-malar wrinckle: A new clinical marker associated to a major cardiovascular risk ?

    Delayed home screening of leprosy; experience of the screening team in Mayotte

    Bull Soc Pathol Exot, 2008 Feb, T. 101 (1) : 32-5


    Leprosy risk factors and detection procedure

    Review. Bull ALLF, 2007 jan ; 20 :11-4

    Advantages of a delayed leprosy casefinding within household contacts. A survey in Mayotte, Indian Ocean

    Bull ALLF, 2006 jan ; 18 :20

    Leprosy in Mayotte. The situation in 2003 and Leprosy control prospectives

    Bull ALLF, 2004 jan ; 14 :13-5







    Mars One


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